February 23, 2014

Friday Financials a couple days late and other Money ramblings

I used the IRS website to check on our refund and it said that we should have the money deposited on February 25th.  As soon as it is deposited, I will go pay our city taxes.  I think they should be a little under $1300.

Preschool bill for next month is only $455.  It comes out of the second paycheck of the month which will be on Friday.  I normally budget $685 so there is $230 left out of the day care budget for March. I am setting $100 of the extra money aside for summer daycare expenses and the rest will be divided between our savings goals and setting some aside towards the big dentist bill whenever it comes.

There are rumors of more lay offs coming at work and it's had me really nervous. So I've been spending a lot of time reviewing our budget in case I end up one of the one's let go.  Hopefully it won't happen but I'm trying to prepare myself for the worst case scenario.  The biggest issue would be health insurance as we've always been on my companies plan and had great coverage.  Mr. R's work offers a plan but its ridiculously expensive, like over $1200 per month.

Mr. R did the grocery shopping this week and did ok.  I provided a list.  He forgot something and a couple things he couldn't find so he went to another store. Somehow 1 or 2 items turned into another $16 worth of groceries.  He bought a can of refried beans and made Big R a bean and cheese burrito.  She really liked it so he said he was going to go back and stock up on cans of beans.  He actually said this to me while standing next the counter where I have a full crock pot of taco beans that I am currently cooking.  I told him all I had to do was smash those up and they would work.

It gets so frustrating.  I know he doesn't understand why I care so much about staying under $400 a month for groceries.  We can afford more and so he doesn't think it really matters.  If he wants something he'll go buy it and pick up anything else he sees that he wants.  If we actually needed the groceries I wouldn't care but our cupboards are so full as it is, I have trouble finding what I'm looking for.  We don't need anymore food until we eat through all that we already have.

Also,  I just went upstairs and he left every light on while he was getting Big R ready to go out to a movie.  Then he commented that they had to leave early so he could pick up snacks.  Again... we have cupboards over flowing with food. Don't go to the gas station and waste money.  (Yes, we are cheap and sneak food into the theater.  I refuse to pay those prices except for on occasion will splurge on a popcorn because it smells so good even though it never tastes as good as it smells.  But usually we either take snacks or we just don't snack on anything.) So I packed a juice box and bag of teddy grahams in a purse for Big R to take with her so he wouldn't waste money on junk food.

I get so frustrated when I feel like I put so much time and effort into trying to save, save, save and it doesn't seem to make much of a difference.

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