February 14, 2014

Friday Financials

  • Had to enroll for fall day care already.  (It's only February, geeze!)  Registration Fee: $45
  • Was supposed to take snack for Little R's class on Tuesday but almost forgot.  Luckily there are only 6 kids in her class.  Ran through the drive through and bought 6 Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits from McDonalds: $6
  • Big R had her second dental work appointment.  Last time they did her left side and this time they did her right side.   Hopefully everything is fixed now and will stay that way.  They had Mr. R pay $135 up front but they ended up needing to do less work than they thought so they said they may be sending us a check to refund some of that.  But, our balance from Big R's last appointment hadn't been paid by the insurance yet.  The bill was over $1000.  I called our insurance to see what was going on and they said they just released the check (funny how whenever I call about them not paying something the response is the check was Just released).  The check they are sending was only for $745.  So I'm hoping that discounts were applied for the insurance company and we aren't going to end up owing the difference of over $300.
  • We had $29 left in the gas budget from last pay and $7 left in the extra budget.  The $29 will go to savings.  The $7 I'm just carrying over to the new February extra money budget since we've had a few extra things come up.
  • I need to purchase Big R's yearbook and the girls will both be having spring photos soon.  I don't buy a lot but I usually do buy an 8 x 10 and some wallets so those are some extra expenses I know will be coming up.  The yearbook is $15.
  • Added to Savings:
    • EF  $70 (Total Savings  $770)
    • Car $70 (Total $770)
    • Vacation $49 ($813)
    • Still Need to Save $9647 this year
  • Added $20 to each of the girls savings accounts

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