February 2, 2014

Electric Usage is UP

I've been trying to cut back on our electric usage.  During the month of January:
  • Quit using the heat dry setting about 50% of the time on Dishwasher
  • Blocked crack in sliding glass door and sealed it
  • Tried to keep lights turned off and reminded other's in the house to do the same
  • Went on vacation for 1 week and turned the heat down to 60 before we left - not much electric used during that week except a light that was left on, heat and the automatic lights in the basement that would turn on when Princess was down there.
  • Combined baking sessions whenever possible to get the most out of the oven use
  • Turned stove off before food finished cooking to let the left over heat finish cooking it
But we still used more electricity this month than the previous month or the same month 1 year before.  Could be the freezing temperatures but I'm still disappointed that we didn't do better.
Month           Total KWH      Days     KWH Per Day     Cost Per Day      Average Temperature

Current            3,418              30              114                      $5.91                         20°F

Previous          2,911              35                83                      $4.24                         30°F

One Year Ago  3,007              32                94                      $4.61                         28°F

Your Average Monthly Usage: 1,769 KWH

Total Due $177.34 which is about normal for us. 

*Our house is all electric.


  1. I stopped using dry setting on our dishwasher a few months ago and, honestly, don't miss it. I just run it overnight, and then everything is dry by morning.

  2. I have never used the dry/heat setting. I just crack the dishwasher door. That helps the heat to escape and take moisture with it. Turning on the ceiling fan helps, winter and summer.

  3. It is scary how quickly utilities are climbing. Here we are going to face higher water and electricity rates come summer.