February 4, 2014

Do you give rewards for good report cards?

When I was younger we never got anything special for our report cards.  We knew we weren't allowed to get anything less than a "B" on our report card or else we would be in trouble.  It was just expected of us that our grades would be good.

In high school, my grades were tied to being able to take driving lessons and having my own car.  I kept my grades up because I loved that freedom and if my grades dropped, my car would be taken away from me. 

So Big R brought her report card home over the weekend.  I just happened to find it in her book bag yesterday morning when I was making sure she had everything at school.  In first grade, she doesn't get real grades.  But she's doing good in all of the areas they watch for and exceptional in some areas.  She's reading above the level they expect a first grader to be able to read at.  She loves writing books and working on math.  Her teacher wrote a really nice note about how great she is to have in class and how Big R is always nice to the kindergartners and offers to help them whenever they need it.

Mr. R was so proud, he gave her a dollar, which just absolutely made her day.  So it got me thinking.  I know some kids in school would get rewarded with money when they got good grades on their report card.  And it makes sense.  As an adult, if we're lucky a good review can be linked to a raise in income.

I guess I'm trying to figure out if I want to start this tradition or come up with some other reward to motivate my children. 

Do you give rewards for good report cards? 

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