January 7, 2014

Things I did to Save Money on My Day Off

  • Cut out coupons my parents saved me from the Sunday Paper
  • Printed coupons from internet
  • Matched coupons to sales at Giant Eagle and made a shopping list
  • Changed meal plan to use up some things in the fridge:
    • Tonight was strawberry pancakes, turkey sausage links and scrambled eggs with ham, onions, peppers and cheese
    • Tomorrow will be nacho's to use up the cheese, salsa and sour cream left over from our mexican pizza on Sunday. I bought a bag of whole wheat nacho chips at Aldi on Sunday and I'm thawing a bag of refried beans that I made in the crock pot last week.
  • Made a double batch of pancakes to have plenty of leftovers for the week and to freeze some for later.  Turned the stove off for the last pancakes, they cooked off of the leftover heat.
  • Downloaded apps and books for Big R's nook for our trip.  She wanted Angry Birds which was $2.99 and I picked out 2 other games I thought she would like 99 cents each; all coming out of her Christmas Money.  I also found lots of free games and books to download.  A couple are even interactive, read-to-me books which are usually more expensive.
  • Packed Mr. R's lunch for tonight using up left overs, Big R's and my lunch for tomorrow are also packed.  (I'm really good about packing Mr. R's and Big R's.  But usually I throw mine together in the morning and if I don't have time, end up buying atleast a snack or salad if I don't have anything packed.)
  • Me and the girls stayed in our pj's all day and didn't leave the house.  Mr. R had to go to work.  The girls got a bath and I took a super quick shower to rinse off after riding my stationary bike for an hour.
  • Found a small bag of unopened pretzels and a chocolate bar Big R brought home from school.  I'm making chocolate covered pretzels for dessert tonight.

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  1. Nice work! I repurposed a bunch of leftovers for dinner, and made homemade buns (on Sunday) to go with our burgers. I also made homemade hummus, & they are so much better than store bought! :-)