January 28, 2014

The Cost of Daycare

I received my Account Summary for 2013 from the daycare to use for my taxes. The cost for 1 child going to Preschool/Daycare for 4 full days a week during the school year and 2 Children going to Summer Camp/Day Care for 2 full days a week during the summer in 2013: $6300.00.

That amount includes registration fees and tuition payments only.  I do always volunteer to bring in snacks or supplies whenever they are requested which is usually around once or twice a month.

$6300 is definitely less than previous years now that the girls are getting older the cost has decreased some and they do receive really great care from this day care. I love how many activities and projects they do with the children, much more than a previous day care we had taken them too.  But it's still hard to look at that number.  When Little R starts Kindergarten in 1 1/2 years and we'll just be using Day Care for the summer, it's going to seem like we are rich!  I can't imagine not having that large expense every month.

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