January 12, 2014

Grocery shopping budget and spending money update.

I went to Aldi today, without a list again.  I spent $76.  They had some stuff that we like that they don't always carry so I bought some extras.  Plus they had Christmas Chocolates marked down.  I got each of the girls a bag of chocolate gold coins and each a big chocolate bear.  The coins were clearanced to 50 cents each and the bears were 75 cents each and neither had anything Christmas-y on them so I'm putting those away for valentines day.

We have $175 left in the grocery budget for January.  My goal is not to spend more than $400 a month on groceries.  We should be really good this month as we shouldn't need anything else before our trip except maybe some mcintosh apples.  Aldi's were all bruised.  So basically we have $175 for the last week of January.

After purchasing some things on Amazon today and a couple items Mr. R picked up this week, we have $105 left of our $250 extra miscellaneous money.

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