January 3, 2014

Friday Financials - First Payday in 2014!!! Rainbow of Money Edition

Mr. Ripples had an Awesome Paycheck.  I forgot that his Christmas pay was on this check and he must have had some over time because it was about $400 more than usual.  Unfortunately my paycheck went down $18 due to increased insurance premiums.

Here's how the Rental Income check was spent: $825
  • $312 Mortgage
  • $110 Condo Fee
  • $45 Water Bill
  • $100 Repair Fund
  • $60 Bumper Bowling League
  • $75 My Savings (Repaying myself for money taken out for condo down payment)
  • $75 Mr. R Savings (Repaying down payment money)
  • $48 Vacation Fund
Grocery Spending:  Since I did so well last month staying under $400, that is my new monthly grocery budget.  So far I've only spent $6 in January.

Money left over from last pay check that will be put in Savings:
  • $10 food budget
  • $18 gas budget
Total: $28 towards Emergency Fund

So far in January we are under budget in the following areas:
  • $54 Electric - I think I can finally feel comfortable lowering our budgeted amount from $230 a month to $200.
  • $10 Water
Total: $64 towards EF

Due to Mr. R's amazing paycheck and coming in under budget in a few areas, we were able to add a total of $213 EF, $230 new car/car repair fund, $157 towards our next vacation fund.  We only have $11,400 left to save in 2014 to make our $12,000 savings goal! Ha... Only. :)


  1. Nice! Hope that sets the tone for 2014! What a pleasant surprise. You've already cut down your savings goal by 600 in only the first 3 days. That's nothing to scoff at!

  2. Hey! Every little bit helps, right? ;-) There are month's I'd give a my eye teeth to save $600....

  3. Great way to kick off the year! :-)