January 2, 2014

Keurig - Finding economical k-cup options

My mom gave my husband a Keurig for Christmas.  We usually don't make coffee at home.  I drink a lot at work and if I get a craving on the weekend I usually just buy a cup at McDonald's or Acme when I'm doing my shopping.

Mr. R loves the Keurig and I have to admit I do too.  We've had coffee makers in the past, but we just never seem to use them so we'll see if the Keurig continues to be something we use.

My mom gave Mr. R and I lots of K-cups in all different flavors for Christmas. My favorite is the Caramel Macchiato which are probably the most expensive as the box only comes with enough to make 6 cups.  We have enough K-cups to last a couple weeks so my goal is to figure out the most economical way to buy them.

Acme has 12 packs on sale this week for $5.98 (50 cents per cup).  Normal price is $9.98 per 12 pack of k-cups.  Yuck! I checked Amazon and they aren't much cheaper, between 55 cents - 65 cents per k-cup.

I also hate the idea of throwing away all those plastic containers.  So I found a different brand that is supposed to work with Keurig Machines that is 97% biodegradable and cheaper than the Keurig brand. These San Francisco bay cups are $29.75 for a box of 80.  After pay day, I think I'll buy one box and see how well they work and how they taste.

I also found these reusable single cup cartridges that can be rinsed out and used again. This way we can buy coffee at the store and make our own cartridges which I'm assuming would be cheaper.  2 cartridges is $12.99.  I just need to make sure these will work with the Keurig my mom got us.


  1. Yeah, Amazon has had a sale for those reusable cups, about $6 for one. They really work and they really work great. Cleaning them is pretty fast and they seem very sturdy and lasting. I got one of them for my dad, and it's still going. If you have access to, try Quill.com or OfficeDepot. They seem to have some of the best prices around for k-cups. I just bought some for the office from Quill, 5 boxes of 24 cups for $26. It was a steal, and thank goodness, because people in my office will use that pretty quick. Keeps me under budget!