December 6, 2013

Vacation Fund upate



Disney - $674 - $374 Disney Reward $'s 300 298
Queen Mary and Aquarium 130 130
Food 700
Misc. &  Souveniers 400
Total 1690 588

Wine Tour - Prepaid - $125

We've saved enough to pay for a day at the San Diego Zoo and the Queen Mary & Aquarium although I'm not sure if we will go to the Queen Mary.  I've already paid for the wine tour and we're really close to having enough saved for our tickets to Disney.

Just another $1102 still to save before our trip in January.  That seems like so much, not sure if we will make it.  But since the credit cards are paid off now, I'll be able to apply my whole commission check to our vacation and Mr. Ripples will have some more holiday pay coming up for Christmas and New Years.

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