December 6, 2013

Friday Financials Part 2: Bills, Bonus and Overdraft

Somehow I over drafted.  I knew I accidentally paid one of the car payments Wednesday instead of scheduling it for pay day.  I couldn't figure out how to change the date or cancel the payment.  Their website sucks.  So I ran to the bank at lunch yesterday and deposited the rent check thinking that should cover it.  But of course there was an overlap where the payment was deducted before the check cleared. This is only the second time ever this has happened to me and I'm not sure how it works.  It looks like the bank took $50 from my credit card and charged me a $12.00 fee.  But I can't figure out where the $50 came from to pay it back. The account they said they took it from isn't showing a charge.

In Great News, Mr. Ripples work forgot to give him his holiday pay so they cut him another check.  Woohoo.  Even better news, I got a nice bonus! Double Woo! This is awesome as somehow I thought we had more money in our account than we did.  Not sure how that happens when I record our transactions every day but at some point I made a mistake.  Plus we received 2 more bills today and Little Ripples needed a pair of dress shoes for her concert tonight.

  • $58 bill for tests when Big Ripples had strep.  They didn't bill our insurance so I'm going to mail the insurance information and hopefully this will end up being a lot less.
  • $20 doctor bill - they never charge our copay upfront we get billed a couple weeks after an appointment.
  • Dress Shoes for Little Ripples - $13.00 - $3.00 in Kmart rewards = $10.00
With the rest of our extra money:
  • Pay off Target Card and Disney Card - Yay for 0 Balance, apparently I haven't been keeping our spending in check as I thought.  With all the Christmas Shopping and the Adopt-A-Family Shopping at work, I don't think I kept track of our credit card charges as well as I should have.  Luckily, we will now be back down to 0 and plan to stay there.
  • Put an extra $83 into Vacation Fund.
  • Added $50 to our home repair fund.

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