December 7, 2013

My Birthday - Treating myself to laziness

My birthday is Friday.  I'll be 31.  I don't know how that happened?

Usually I plan some big thing for my birthday.  Or at the very least meet up with friends at a club. This year, we've been so busy.  Works busy, homes busy.  The girls have their activities and Christmas Concerts.  So for my birthday this year, I took Friday Off work.  I've told everyone I know that I'm not leaving the house. I'm planning on laying in bed all day, reading a good book, taking a long nap, having maple cream sticks for breakfast and wine and cheese in bed for lunch. And for dinner, we'll be ordering take out from a restaurant of my choice.

I'm not getting dressed. I'm not cooking anything.  I'm not getting the girls ready for school or onto the bus.  Mr. Ripples has the day off and will be taking care of everything.

This will be a great birthday treat and it won't even cost anything, well except for the wine and dinner.

Last year I rented a limo for 4 hours to go wine tasting with my friends.  After the $300 for the limo and wine for Mr. Ripples and I at 2 wineries, we probably spent $350 for my birthday.  We had an amazing time.  It was really fun and I would love to do it again some day.  I paid for the limo from my own spending money and birthday money that I received.

But this year, just chilling out at home sounds great to me.

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