December 28, 2013

Acme Shopping Deals

I'll be heading out to Acme to pick up a few of the deals they have this weekend. We have a lot of frozen leftovers so I don't need much for dinners this week. Today is my brother-in-laws birthday party so I don't need to cook.  I plan on making home made pizza tomorrow with my new pizza stone.  We have 3 bags of ham, a bag of chili and a bag of spaghetti sauce in the freezer and plenty of produce on hand.  The only thing we really need is milk.  Plus my mom asked me to make cheese fondue for New Year's Eve so I'll need to get stuff for that. I have $69 to last us until the 3rd for groceries and since I don't need much I'm going to use it on some good deals which will hopefully help to keep our grocery budget down next month.

Here's the deals I plan on getting:

  • Hunt's spaghetti sauce is only 69 cents per can.  I'm going to buy the limit of 8 as this is the cheapest I've ever seen it.  Usually I stock up when they are at 88 cents per can.  I use this as the base to my spaghetti sauce and then add mushrooms, onions and green peppers.
  • General Mills Cereal - $1.69 per box
  • 2 - 7up 2 liters 88 cents each
  • Pork Blade Roasts $1.49/lb. (I'm hoping to get 2 roasts)
I also need deodorant, hand soap and milk.  My goal is to not spend more than $45 so I have plenty of money to stop at Aldi closer to New Year's and get everything I need to make the fondue and have plenty of stuff to dip in it.

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