December 27, 2013

1001 Short, Easy, Inexpensive Recipes

My husband bought me this book for Christmas.  I'm excited to try some of the recipes.  I  don't usually buy cook books because I can find so many recipes online.  Plus it seems like a lot of time the recipes in cookbooks are too involved or too expensive for this full time working momma.

So I'm really excited to start trying the recipes in this cook book.  I'll definitely be sharing the good ones as I work my way through the book.

Oh and this was one of my surprise gifts.  Mr. R and I usually give each other a list of items we want for Christmas and just pick up a few surprises. Our gifts for each other are normal needed items like work shoes, pajamas, new pots and pans, etc.  So it always makes me happy when Mr. R. finds something that is perfect for me that he picked out by himself.

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