November 22, 2013

Friday Financials Pay Day Edition

The day care bill for December is extremely low because the daycare closes for almost 2 weeks over the holidays.  So I had lots of extra money to play with this morning.

I made a payment of $714 to the credit card.  My goal is to have it back to a $0 balance before our vacation in January and I think we'll make it.

Adding $168 to vacations savings - now up to $400 total

Booked and paid for our wine tour in January on vacation - $125

Mr. Ripples spent $20 at the grocery store yesterday.  I really hate when he shops.  He can't help himself buying things we don't need.  Yesterday it was lean pockets that were on sale, so he stocked up.  What he didn't realize was that I had coupons to match up with the sale.  If I find the receipt I might stop in and try to apply the coupons if customer service will let me.

Christmas Giving:

  • I've purchased all the gifts for my friend's 3 children - I bought one gift for each of them that my friend can give her children for Christmas.  I also bought them each 1 gift for each of their birthdays that will be from our family.
  • Sending my other friend who's health is really bad a check to help out with her medical supplies
  • Adopt-a-family - I ended up collecting some money and put some money in of my own and was able to fulfill 10 tags from the adopt a family tree at work.

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  1. Wonderful!! Sounds like you have been doing great! That's a nice debt pymt! Won't it feel great to have that card at $0.00!!! Keep it up! :)