October 15, 2013

Trunk Or Treat - Zombie Outbreak Response Team

Our 2 local elementary schools (K-2) do a trunk or treat every year in the high school's parking lot. They ask people to volunteer to decorate their cars and pass out candy to a large amount of kids.  We went last year and the girls had a great time.  This year, I want to participate and decorate our van.   I found a website that I was able to order 2 10" round decals to put on the sides of my van that say Zombie Outbreak Response Team.  The 2 decals plus shipping cost me $13.

I am going to create a Ohio Zombie Response Team license on my computer to put in the window of the van.  My 13 year old nephew volunteered to dress up like a not-to-scary zombie, since this is for children after all.  And he will be sitting in the back of the van with his hands tied with rope like he was just caught.

My husband and I will be the zombie hunters.  Not sure how far I will go with this since I don't want to spend very much money.  I have an old pair of torn jeans and a plain white t-shirt.  I'm not really artsy but I might try to write Zombie Outbreak Response Team on the shirt and then just pull my hair back in a pony tail.

Last year, I think there were a few hundred children that came.  It's for the elementary school children and their families.  So that's A LOT of candy.  I already checked prices and think it will cost about $15 for enough candy to pass out.

I know it would be way, way cheaper to just show up for the trunk or treat and not decorate our car or hand out candy.  But if everyone felt that way, no one would do it and it wouldn't be a great time for the kids.  Plus we never hand out candy even at home since we live in a condo and the kids don't come through.  -We usually go to my sister's neighborhood for trick or treating.

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