October 26, 2013


Little Ripples has a toothache.  I could tell she had a cavity and made an appointment with the children's dentist but couldn't get her in for a couple weeks.  This morning she was fine until she tried to eat a slice of apple.  Now it seems like she can't eat anything without pain.  Looks like I'll be taking her to the dentist Monday morning.

I feel so bad for her.  :(


  1. Poor little girl. Its so hard to see one of your kids in pain.

  2. you know you can try putting braces wax in the cavity hole to keep out cold/sweet/sticky things until you can get her to the dentist...that's what our dentist said anyway.....orajel helps too......the hygentist suggested putting a thick glob of sensodyne toothpaste on the affected area, but we found that the sugar (or whatever) in the toothpaste hurt like crazy....just some suggestions.....