October 25, 2013

Friday Financials

Pay Day Updates
  • Moved $125 to EF for a total of $1000 - EF Goal Complete!
  • Was able to set an extra $50 aside to pay for Mr. Ripples' Car Tags
  • Paid $544 to Credit Card
  • Received my first commission check for an extra project I worked out.  After all the taxes, I'm only getting $20 out of the $37 I earned.  Woohoo!
2013 Goals Updates
  • Save $1000 EF - Complete!
  • Pay off credit card balance completely - Getting close.  We pay off enough each month to not have to pay interest and I've been trying to add extra to get back to the point where I don't use the card unless I have the money to pay it off right away and can keep it paid off in full.
  • Save $1840 for January Vacation to California.  Ummmm.  We haven't saved anything yet.  I guess I'm kind of banking on the fact that I usually get some extra money from work around the holidays and I have a couple more projects out there that I should earn some commission on.  Plus Mr. Ripples will be getting extra pay with the holidays coming up.
Goal is to get credit card completely paid off first, then all extra money goes to the vacation.  If we don't save up enough, we'll just have to cut back on some of the things we were planning on doing.  We are going to visit my dad anyways, so that's really all that matters.

Other Financial Updates

Trunk or Treat yesterday went really well.  It was super cold, I stayed in the van with the heat on and just handed out candy from the back of the van.  I spent $29 decorating the van and then spent $19 on candy.  Not sure if I will participate next year or not.

I was able to send my friend who is really sick and in need of some major financial help $78 for some more things I sold for her on ebay.

My check engine light kept coming on in my van.  I was dreading some major repair.  Mr. Ripples took it for an oil change and made sure there was air in the tires and the light went off.  Whew! 

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