October 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Mr. Ripples

Today is my hubs 37th birthday.  We had a great time at his party last night.  I ended up having to order an extra pizza and a couple extra pitchers of drinks so it cost a little more than I thought.  But I found out yesterday that I'll be getting an extra $37 check for something I worked on at work.  Nothing major but it will help pay for the extra money spent on the party last night.

Now we are done with big parties for the year. 

After the party, the girls went home with one of their grandma's for a sleep over.  Mr. Ripples and I hung out in the bar with my step dad and brother-in-law.  Then my stepdad dropped us off at a place just a few blocks away from our house that has a dance floor on the weekends.  It wasn't really busy and it was definitely a younger crowd than us. 

I love, love, love to dance.  I don't care if Mr. Ripples and I are the only ones on the dance floor which was definitely the case last night.  We had to keep requesting good songs to dance to as the dj kept playing crappy music which I'm sure is popular right now.  I don't know.  I don't listen to the radio and rarely get out to the clubs anymore.  Normally when we go dancing we go to see an 80's cover band so I really am not up on my top 40. 

Luckily the dj was nice and played most of our requests and we had a fun night dancing. 

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  1. No big party for Christmas? And yeah, sometimes when I work at parties and weddings, the music just has me scratching my head. Put some real 80's music and we're good to go. Happy birthday to the Mr!