October 2, 2013

Already Making Progress

I emptied our change jar today.  I was able to wrap $12 in change and I have another $5 in nickels, dimes and quarters but not enough of anything to wrap.  I am going to take the $12 and put it in the bank account tomorrow to pay towards our hotel stay.  It's not much but its a start.  

We received a check for $40 to reimburse Mr. Ripples for his CPR class.  I forgot his work did this and we had already paid for the class so I am adding this $40 into our next credit card payment.

We received the October rent check today.  I should be able to put at least $196 from that check towards our car insurance.  Depending on how much their water bill ends up being, I might have a little more money to put towards insurance.  I also received the electric bill today.  I had $220 set aside and it only ended up being $174.  The extra $46 left over will go to the car Insurance Payment.  I need to pay $321 in October for the Car Insurance.  I only need to come up with another $79 and I think I should be able to do that on next payday.

I went to Aldi today and actually stuck exactly to my list except for picking up some strawberries.  I only spent $18 leaving me $106 left in my grocery budget for 9 more days until we get paid again.  I'm hoping to not spend the whole $106 so I can put it towards paying off my bad decisions.

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