September 3, 2013

Random thoughts and grocery spending

I am trying to keep our grocery spending under $440 this month.  We've gone to Aldi's once and Acme once.  So far we've spent $194, but we're pretty well stocked now. 

Tomorrow is Baby Ripples third birthday.  I made a white cake from a box tonight then poured Strawberry jello on top.  It has to sit in the fridge for 4 hours and then I can ice it with cream cheese frosting.  Hopefully this ends up better than the strawberry cake I tried to make for Big Ripples birthday.

We received the rental check for our investment property yesterday which was exciting.

Sunday Fun - On Sunday, my mom, stepfather and the little ones and I went to a restaurant that looks like a barn.  There is a little lake with ducks to feed, some swings and a few little stores also.  I let the girls each pick out some candy at the candy store and then Big Ripples had $5 of her own money to spend at the toy store.  She bought the stupidest toy that she broke within 5 minutes of being in the car on the way home.  It took a lot for me to let her waste her money on that stupid toy but I figure its a good way for her to learn the value of money and hopefully next time she'll consider the quality of the toy and the amount of fun it can provide before spending her hard earned money.

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  1. After our frugal August for grocery spending, I had to stock up a bit, to the tune of $225. Ouch!