September 1, 2013

Ooops... Personal Finance Failure... But sooo excited!!!

So I've been in Nook withdraw.  I've read two books on the computer since my nook started dying and it just isn't the same.  It hurts my eyes more to stare at the computer that long and I can't lay around on the couch while I read. 

So I decided to go out and buy a nook.  I could have gone to BAM and gotten a $20 gift card with my Nook purchase.  But I went to target instead since I get 5% off with my red card.  I talked about the different nooks with one of the sales guys and decided to get the Nook HD 8GB.  When I went to pay I realized I didn't have my red card so I didn't get the 5% off.  I thought the total came out a bit more than I expected but I had also bought big ripples some socks and then there was tax.  As I was leaving, I looked at my receipt and the sales guy had given me the Nook HD 16GB which was $20 more. 

I should have turned around and returned it, but then I had almost bought this one anyways so that I can download plenty of movies and tv shows for when we travel with the kids so I didn't.  So in the end, I spent more money than I planned to on an unplanned purchase. 

But I'm still so excited to be able to start reading on my nook again.  And I'm excited to be able to download books in color for the girls.

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