September 8, 2013

Problems with my new Nook HD

My brand new nook has been acting up.  I normally keep the box for expensive items but I was pretty sure that I had thrown the box away for this. 

  • Won't hold a charge or turn on without being plugged in
  • Works great when I can get it to turn on but it usually takes between 8 - 10 tries of turning it on before it will fully turn on and stay on
  • Keeps resetting so I have to go through the set up process again and download all the apps I want again
So I looked and luckily found the box, manual and receipt.  My wonderful husband is taking it back to target to exchange it for me.  Hopefully, I'll get one that works this time.

1 comment:

  1. Ugh, that's the worse when something you spend much on doesn't work properly. I bought a camera a while back, and it had an innate sound defect a lot of that kind of camera had. I took it into a different Target and they had one with a deeper discount than the one I bought ($140 vs $80), no sound defect, though it did have a small blemish on the bottom where you hook it to a tripod. Win win.