September 15, 2013

Low Spend Weekend: Hanging with my girls on the cheap

Mr. Ripples worked this weekend.  He works 12 hour midnight shifts so on his weekend to work that's pretty much all he gets to do.  Work, sleep, work, sleep.  It's a nice weekend for me and the girls to hang out and for me to get stuff done around the house.

Saturday  - The girls had bumper bowling league.  After bowling, I took them to the library.  Our library has a great children's section.  The girls played for about half an hour with the train table, doll house, coloring, and doing puzzles.  Then I helped Big Ripples pick out some books to read.

We are dog sitting this weekend and after lunch yesterday we took the dog for a walk.  The girls took turns holding the leash.  Big Ripples told me, "We're doing lots of fun stuff this weekend."  How simple it is to please children.  Yesterday afternoon we went to family birthday party.

Saturday night, I let the girls have a "sleep over" in the living room.  We laid lots of blankets on the floor, had some snacks and the girls stayed up late watching tv.  We watched Goosebumps on Netflix.  I used to love that show when I was younger and one of the ones we watched last night was even a little scary for me.

Sunday - Not only are we dog sitting my sisters dog, but I'll also be watching her youngest son for most of the day.  It will be a looonnng day.  Having two little girls, I don't have much to keep a 5 year old boy's interest.  The first couple hours will be fine, but by 2, I'll be struggling for ideas to keep the kids happy.

I woke up and cleaned this morning and tried a pumpkin French toast recipe.  The French toast was really good but I couldn't taste the pumpkin very much.   I'll be making a home made mac and cheese recipe this evening.  I've tried the base recipe before but I have some ideas to doctor it up and make it a little healthier.  I also need to make a very limited list of a few things we still need from the grocery store this weekend.  Hopefully, I'll be able to make a quick trip to the store after dinner before Mr. Ripples goes to work.

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