August 25, 2013


Not sure if it is a new wedding trend or just so happens we went to two weddings recently like this, but both were held outdoors on family property and both were very relaxed about the wedding "rules".  It made for a much more fun event. 

One wedding, a couple weeks ago, had a dj, sangria, Mexican food and a few different outdoor games set out for people to play.  The dance floor was opened before the couple had their first dance so while the bride and groom were busy, people were already out on the dance floor.  It was a very hot day outside and they had an ice-cream truck show up.  Everyone seemed to have a great time and when we left at midnight the party was still going strong.  They even refreshed the taco bar around 11pm for a late night snack.

The wedding yesterday was very low key.  The couple got married at the same location as the reception.  It was BYOB.  The food was great and the bride told the caterer to tell everyone to go ahead and eat after the ceremony.  No need to wait for the bride and groom who were busy talking to everyone and taking pictures.  The bride and groom were actually the last ones to eat.  They did only 3 of the "required" dances.  Their first dance, bride and father, mother and son.  There was no dj, but they had a speaker system and music was playing.  We took the kids to this wedding and they got to run around and play a lot with some other kids. 

One wedding was definitely on the expensive side and the other was definitely more "budget" friendly.  But we had a great time at both weddings.  It was nice not to have to sit around and wait for hours while all the normal "planned" wedding activities are done.  We really enjoyed ourselves and it seemed like the bride and groom at both weddings really enjoyed themselves too.


  1. I would much prefer a wedding like this than have to wait and wait for everything to happen perfectly.

  2. We're having a backyard wedding in 3 weeks! I hope this trend continues and is a reflection that people realize they don't need to spend lots of money to have a fun wedding.