August 25, 2013

Last Grocery Shopping Trip for August Challenge

I need to go to the store today.  I only have $22.33 left to spend for groceries if I want to accomplish my goal of only spending $440 on groceries.  Mr. Ripples spent $5 earlier in the week on 2 gallons of milk. 

I'll definitely be really close but not sure if I can make it.  I did spend about $15 at the grocery store on non-food items earlier in the month and couldn't decide if I should take them out of the "extra" money or grocery money.  At the time, I left it as part of the grocery money.   Which now I think was probably a mistake.

Oh well, I'm still proud of myself.  I know I spent over $500 last month on groceries so I'm very happy with being this close to only spending $440.  I'm going to try it this challenge again next month. 

1 comment:

  1. I actually get excited when I go to the grocery store knowing I have a small budget... should I get x, or a+b+c? If only I could keep that mindset for the remaining of the time, ha. Good job on the challenge!