August 26, 2013

The Fruit Fly Challenge

We had fruit flies or gnats in our kitchen and our upstairs bathroom, so I looked up online how to get rid of them.  I found lots of ways that were easy and included ingredients I had on hand so I decided to try a few different ones to see which worked best.

The Best Solution:  A small bowl of Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with a few drops of dish soap.  This by far won and caught the most fruit flies.

Some of the other things I tried:

Put a mixture of Apple cider vinegar and sugar in a plastic container.  Poked holes in the lid to the container and put the lid on it.  The idea is that the fruit flies will go in through the holes but not be able to get back out.  When I first set this out, a few flies sat on the outside of the container but not one got stuck inside. I eventually took the lid of and did end up catching one fly.

Red Wine:  I put a small bowl of red wine on the kitchen counter and another bowl in the bathroom.  Not one fly perished in the wine although I could tell they were attracted by it.  They just didn't seem to get stuck in it.  I noticed the flies in the bathroom looked redder the next day.  I wonder if they had a party that night.

I also poured baking soda down the bathroom sink and then followed that with white vinegar.  It seemed like the flies kept coming back and I read they could live in the drains.

Hopefully they are gone for good now.


  1. When I bartended, we used vinegar to attract and kill fruit flies. It worked well.

  2. Yup, at the hotel I work at, we use little apple-shaped containers with apple vinegar and dish soap. That works the best by far, other than covering every food surface in the place.