August 26, 2013

A Zucchini Cookie or Cake Recipe

A while back, my friend had given me a giant zucchini.  I put half of it in the blender and ended up with 4 cups of zucchini puree.  I froze it in 2 cup portions. I tried this recipe for zucchini cookies from

Here's the recipe:

I followed the recipe pretty close except I didn't have vanilla so I just omitted that.  And I used zucchini puree instead of grated zucchini.  The dough was more the consistency of a cake mix probably since there was more liquid with the pureed zucchini so I poured it into two round cake pans instead of making cookies. When the cakes cooled, I spread the icing around the top.  These turned out great!

After Big Ripples asked for seconds, I told her there was zucchini in it.  She stopped eating and was like "really?!".  She wasn't sure if she should believe me and hesitated eating the rest, so I told her I was just kidding and there wasn't zucchini in it.   She happily finished eating her cake.  Just a little white lie.  :)

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  1. Hahaha. Reminds me of people who say they can't eat beans, but then when you mash them and mix them to a salsa-like consistency, they'll eat a whole container of the stuff, and heaven forbid you mention it had beans on it.