August 16, 2013

Pay Day! Restarting the emergency fund.

I love pay day mornings.  I love "playing" with all the money.  Paying bills, moving money to savings.  I've decided I really need to restart our emergency fund.  At one point it was close to $13,000 and now, sad to say, its nothing.  We have money set aside for other things that if we had to we could pull from in a true emergency.  But I like having money in the bank that isn't for anything in particular.  It makes me feel safe.

My two goals are to pay of the credit card before it accumulates any interest and rebuild the emergency fund.  I added $325 for the emergency fund in our savings.  I'll probably have to spend some of that on the plumber whenever we get that scheduled though.


  1. I love paydays too! These days I get overly excited and start the payments the day before (on Thu), so they post by Friday. I pay all of my bills on paycheck days, despite of what their own schedule says it should be, and it works for me! And I agree; though I have money in multiple funds, having a separate EF is better.

  2. Paydays are great! Even if we don't have any extra money for savings, I still love them.