August 16, 2013

Did the new school year sneak up on anyone else?!

I can't believe school starts for Big Ripples on Wednesday.  I just realized this 2 days ago.  The school is posting the classroom assignments today.  I haven't even received bus schedules or info yet.  I need to still go shopping for school supplies.

What happened to summer?!

We did most of the things I really wanted to do this summer.  We went to our local zoo 4 times and the larger farther away one once.  We took the girls on their first camping trip.  I wanted to go on a second but we won't be able too.  We did lots of bowling through the kids bowl free program.  The girls got to swim a lot at grandma's. Took the girls to the drive ins.

It was a good summer.  Just too short.

1 comment:

  1. Oh yikes. They keep taking summer away from the kids! Whatever happened to school starting in September? Glad you had a good summer to remember it by, but I agree, school keeps creeping into summer vacation's territory. I'm afraid for the day it completely overtakes it!