July 28, 2013

Great Family Weekend

Mr. Ripples works every other weekend.  On his weekends off we like to make the most of all the time we have. 

Friday - Took the kids to use our Kids Bowl Free Passes.  Cost: $6 for shoes and $5 for an ice cream sundae for the girls to split and a large pop for Mr. Ripples and I.  Then we rented a movie from red box to watch after the girls were in bed.  Total: $12

Saturday - Pearl Jam Tickets went on sale today and Mr. Ripples really really wanted to get some.  It took 40 minutes of me trying to get through on ticket masters' website and through the app on my phone but I was finally able to get us some OK tickets.  These were pricey but Mr. Ripples is paying for them out of his personal savings.

Then my sister and her son came over to hang out with my girls while Mr. Ripples and I tried to go birthday gift shopping for Baby Ripples and then went to see The Conjuring.  It was a really good scary movie.  I jumped about 20 times.  I did break down and buy a drink and nachos which is ridiculously expensive but it was my first theatre movie this year so I figured, why not?  Total Cost: $21.50

We told the girls we had a surprise for them and took them to the drive ins last night.  We saw Turbo and Wolverine and didn't get home until almost 2 am this morning.  I brought tons of pillows and blankets to spread out in the back of the van.  The girls slept through most of Wolverine.  I took candy, snacks and drinks that I bought at the grocery store.  Mr. Ripples' bought a foot long chili dog.  Total Cost: $16.50

The Family sitting in the back of the van watching a movie at the drive ins.
Sunday: I made banana pancakes from scratch without a recipe.  Totally proud of myself.  Planning on the rest of the day to be a lazy day.  Maybe some cleaning, definitely some napping and tonight Mr. Ripples and I will be watching the next 3 episodes of Falling Skies.

Altogether we spent about $50 but we did a lot for that amount of money.  Plus it all came out of our personal spending money not the household budget.  I don't think I've ever seen so many movies in one weekend.  Mr. Ripples was in movie heaven.

Great, Great Weekend. 


  1. That's a lot of entertainment for $50! I'm sure the kids had a blast.

  2. I love movies and I wish my husband did more. Sounds like a good weekend!