July 7, 2013

Bills, Bills, Bills...

Mr. Ripples pay check was nice this week.  He had picked up some over time.  I was going to be able to put an extra $200 in savings but had to use it for some work on the new condo.  It turned out the garbage disposal wasn't fixable so we had to purchase a new one.  We have a retired friend that does some work for us whenever needed so he installed the new garbage disposal and then did a couple more small fixes around the condo.  I paid him $60 for his time.

I'm getting anxious about getting the new condo rented.  I had to pay the $110 condo fee for it for this month.  Next month we'll owe electric and water which should be low since no one is living there and then the condo fee and mortgage.  I had lots of calls the beginning of last week, 4 walk throughs.  One couple on the 4th said they were really interested but I haven't heard from them since.  It's only been 9 days so maybe I'm worrying over nothing, but I think I might lower the rental price tomorrow from $825 per month to $795.

I've been keeping track of everything we've had to spend on the condo so that I can make sure once we start getting rent for it, I can pay our savings account back before I start counting any of the money as profit.  I feel like I won't be able to relax until then.  Maybe I'm rushing lowering the price.  Mr. Ripples thinks I should be more patient.  We'll see.

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