July 2, 2013

Adverstising our Rental

I've posted an ad on a local news site, craigslist and Zillow.   I was a little worried over the weekend since we hadn't really received a lot of calls but starting yesterday I've received a lot.  I had a family come look at the unit yesterday.  They didn't seem super interested but the woman called me this morning and asked when she could drop off their applications and if cash was ok for the app fee.  I told her I'd be home all night but she didn't show up.

I had another showing this evening.  I have another scheduled tomorrow, plus a second possible showing tomorrow and then one on the 4th as well.

I've been updating my post every day on craigslist and it seems that most of the calls are coming from there.  I've had two inquiries from Zillow.

So far the experience hasn't been bad.  I'm getting used to talking to people about the unit and not feeling weird about discussing money and credit and background checks.

I did have one woman that wanted a showing this evening.  She then called back and asked if I could meet her earlier.  So I arranged to meet her when I was on my lunch hour.  She then called me 2 minutes before our appointment and cancelled.  That was annoying.

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