June 23, 2013

Weight Watchers...Again.

I've joined Weight Watcher's again.  This will be my fourth or fifth time.  I've paid for it before and had great results but there have been times when I have paid for it and just can't seem to stick to it.  I have the last 10 pounds that I can't seem to lose since having kids.  Or when I do lose it, I get tired of paying for weight watchers and slowly slip back into my bad habits and gain it back.

I re-joined about a week ago and all is going well this time.  I am determined to keep tracking even if I mess up and go way over my points. 

I've tried the free plans online like Spark People and My Fitness Pal, I've even made an excel spread sheet to track my calories but I tend to eat less and less fruits and vegetables and save my calories for carbs like bread and cereal.  With Weight Watchers, the fruit and vegetables don't have any points so it encourages me to eat more of those things.

3 month membership to weight watchers online through ebates: $58
Cash back through ebates:$12

Not too bad.  I just need to make sure I use it.

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