May 31, 2013

Planning our First Camping Trip with the Kids...

Before we had kids, Mr. Ripples and I used to go camping a few times a year.  We haven't been able to go camping since we had Little Ripples almost 6 years ago.  I'm pretty sure the last time that we went camping was when I was pregnant with her.  Our camping gear was ruined when our basement flooded with sewage a couple years ago.

We are hoping to take the girls camping for the first time on father's day weekend.  We'll have to wait to make sure the weather will be nice.  We will only be able to go for 1 night because of my husband's work schedule. 

I found a 4 person tent at Aldi the other day for $29.99.  I wanted to buy a bigger 2 room tent but decided to just get a cheaper one for now.  If camping is something we decide to do more often then we can invest in a nicer tent.  Also investing in an air mattress would be a good idea.  It's been a long time since I've slept on the ground.  I didn't purchase an air mattress this time because I wasn't sure how well it would fit in the tent with 4 people, I was afraid there wouldn't be enough room.  For now we'll just load up on pillows and comforters to make the ground softer.

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