April 20, 2013

We have a new family member!

We have been a petless home for a while now.  When Little Ripples was born 5 1/2 years ago, we had a dog and two cats.  When I went back to work after maternity leave, I couldn't handle it all.  I felt horrible. Our dog was the best you could ask for and great around Little Ripples. But with my husband working the night shift, it was up to me in the mornings to get Little Ripples up, nurse, pump get myself ready and off to day care and work.  I would forget to let the dog out right when I woke up, he would have an accident which added more work for me.  So after a few months, we decided it was best to find him a good home. We found a great lady who already had 2 dogs and had been pet sitting a 3rd dog for a few months.  When it was time for the 3rd dog to go home, she realized she missed having 3 dogs so she started looking for another one. 

Can you tell I still feel a little guilty that I couldn't deal with everything and had to give him up?  When I told my friends at work, they gave me some major guilt trips about getting rid of a member of our family.  Even if it was the best decision for us and for our dog.

Anyways, one of the cats got out and never came back.  Well that's what we think happened.  We just never saw him again.  And our third pet got really sick about 6 months ago.  She was old, I had her since I was 16.  I had to have her put to sleep.  I was so upset, I decided I didn't want another pet...  Until recently.  I've been really thinking about getting another cat.  I really wanted a kitten that could grow up with the girls.  I was afraid if we got an older cat, it might not be good around kids.  My problem is I think long and hard about something, but once I make my decision to do it, I have no patience.  I want it now.

So we went to Petsmart last night just to see what cats were up for adoption.  We almost went to a different store that we thought would have a better chance of having kittens, but we were short on time and Petsmart was closer.  The way everything came together, I really think we were meant to have this cat.  The first cat we saw was a 1 year old, blond, domestic short hair with beautiful brown eyes.  She came straight up to my husband and the girls, licked there fingers,  wasn't shy at all or jumpy around the kids.  And the clincher for my little girls... Her name was Princess!  Now we have 3 little princesses in our house. 

On the financial side of this, we paid $40 to adopt Princess and spent another $60 for supplies.  Princess has already had all her shots and is spayed but we will be getting her declawed and I'm not sure how much that will cost.  I haven't decided if this will come out of our extra money for the month or if I will take it out of my own personal savings.  I'm going to wait until Payday on Friday to decide.  Hubby had overtime last week so I want to see how much extra his check is.

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