April 3, 2013

The Piggy Bank vs. The Pickle Jar

I bought this piggy bank for Little Ripples when she was a little baby.  I have tried many times over the last year or so to get her excited about helping around the house and earning an allowance.  If she helped out, I would give her a some change.  She doesn't really understand that each coin has a different value yet so I don't have a set amount that I give her.  She's happier with 5 pennies than she is with a quarter!  A couple times I would empty it out, count it for her and let her buy something with it.  But she just didn't really seem to care much about saving money in her piggy bank.

Recently, we finished off all the pickles in this large jar.  My husband rinsed it out and cut a slit in the top to put coins in.  Now, Little Ripples loves to earn some change so that she can watch it pile up in her jar.  She already has over $8 in it. 

When she used to put the money in the piggy bank, it just kind of disappeaered in there.  Being able to see her progress has really helped. 

Now, we have to be careful about leaving change out or it disappears pretty quickly. 

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  1. LOL!! My youngest is like that too... it's all about the "quantity" not "quality"... ;) lol!!