April 30, 2013

Planning a child's birthday party for 40 of our closest friends and relatives...

I am definitely one of those moms that goes a bit over the top for Birthdays.   My daughters' birthdays are close together so while they are young, we combine their party and just do one big party.  I actually enjoy planning all the details: activities, food and goody bags for the kids.  I know this post sounds early if I'm not even having the party til the end of summer, but last year the location we had the party at, already had the weekend I wanted in August booked by March. So I like to get things figured out early.

This year, Little Ripples has been asking for a party at Pump it Up.  One of her friends from school had a party there back in October and its all Little Ripples can talk about.  She's already been making lists of who she will invite and has even gone as far as to invite kids in her class even though the party isn't even scheduled yet.  We're talking about end of summer here. 

I told Little Ripples that we might be able to have the party there this year, but I'm not 100% sure we will be able to.    Of course we are definitely having the party there, I just like to be able to surprise her some.   I know she will be so thrilled to have her party there and Baby Ripples loves that place too.  And for anyone who hasn't been there, they let the adults get on the inflatables too. :) The giant slide is so much fun and I love racing Little Ripples through the obstacle course.

One thing I like about Pump it Up is that you have the inflatables all to yourself for your party.  So we don't have to deal with tons of other kids running around like birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese.

I've already saved up $300 for the party so we should be close to having enough to pay for it.  Here's a breakdown of the costs:
  • Classic Party Weekend for 14 (they only charge for the children, adults are free) =  $259
  • Chips, Drinks, 2 Cakes = $25
  • Goody Bags for the Kids = $15
  • Extra charge for having 2 birthday girls ?

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  1. Planning a party of this size for anyone is no small feat, but it seems (to me at least) it's extra complicated when the guest of honor is a young child. It's good that you have a plan and have already started saving and the party's not until the end of summer!