April 22, 2013

A Frugal Fun Day with Mr. Ripples

Mr. Ripples ended up having today off soI took a vacation day to hang out with him while the girls were in school.  We spent yesterday evening cleaning the house so we didn't have anything we had to do  today.

We were going to go out to lunch and rent some movies.  But since I cooked so much over the weekend we decided to eat leftovers and we found three movies on Netflix that we both wanted to watch so we didn't actually spend any money during the day.   We watched two of the movies while the kids were in school and might watch the third tonight after we put them to bed.

We had a great day together.  After 13 years of being together, we still really enjoy each others company and getting to just hang out.

I did spring for a pizza for dinner but that was only $6.99.  I had such a relaxing day I didn't feel like cooking.

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