October 4, 2015

Getting ready for our Surprise Vacation

We leave in just a couple days for a big surprise!  When our girls get off the bus on Wednesday, we are putting them straight into the car and starting our drive south.

The girls think we are going to the American Girl Store in Columbus.  What they don't know, is that we will be heading to Myrtle Beach for a long weekend and we are actually stopping at the American Girl Store in Charlotte.

I'm so excited and proud of myself for keeping this vacation a secret from the girls.  I think Big R is suspicious as she has questioned me a few times about what Mr. R and I have said when we thought she wasn't listening.

We'll be driving 4 hours Wednesday night before stopping at a hotel for the night.  I have a room already booked for us and got a great deal on it by pre-paying  for it.

On Thursday morning we will have another 3 hour drive to get to the American Girl Store where we will have lunch and the girls will get to do some shopping with their Birthday money and chores money.  I plan to add an extra $20 to each of the girls shopping money.

Then we have another 3 hour drive to get to our hotel in Myrtle Beach.  My goal for this vacation is to have an inexpensive trip just enjoying the hotel and beach.  We have a suite with a kitchen so I plan to pack lots of snacks, drinks, and food for breakfasts and lunches; limiting eating out to once per day.

I'm really excited for the surprise of the trip for the girls.  But not being able to count down the wake ups until our vacation with the girls has made it less exciting for me.  I like the build up of excitement before a vacation and since we can't talk about it very much without the girls hearing, that excitement just doesn't seem to be there.

Just 3 more wake-ups... And hopefully the bad weather from the hurricane will be passed by the time we get to the beach.

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