July 3, 2015

Friday Financials

It's been a long time since I posted one of these.

Our credit card has been creeping up.  Not a lot.  I think we have about $400 on it.  We haven't accumulated any interest.  But my goal is to get the account back to zero before that happens and start watching it more closely.

  • Paid $127 on credit card balance
  • Paid $300 on my car (regular payment is $232)
  • ELECTRIC BILL WAS ONLY $133!  That's the lowest it has been in about 2 years!
  • Added $40 each to Little R's and Big R's Savings accounts
  • Paid $400 to the rental property mortgage (regular payment is only $350)
We've had a spendy few months.  I need to start keeping track of expenses and spending better. Lately we've been paying for more and more things with the credit card instead of using our personal spending money.  That needs to stop.

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