March 5, 2015

The Vacation Curse Strikes Again

Every time we go on vacation, something major breaks.  Usually, it's the night before our trip and our washing machine quits working or our water heater starts leaking.  The week before our trip this year one of the lights on my car lit up and a message told me that the Stabilitrak needed servicing.  Turns out a sensor was broke.

I figured we got off easy this year.  We had just purchased the car and it was under warranty.  A few hours at the dealership and it was fixed.

Fast forward to the day we get home from our vacation.  Mr. R goes out to the garage to get something out of his car and the garage door won't open.  The key pad lights up but it won't open the door.  Our extra garage door opener won't open the door either.

We have no other way into our garage.  There's no separate door or window.  I called a local handyman and someone is coming out tomorrow.  They will have to drill a hole in the top of our garage door to pull the release and manually open the door.  Hopefully whatever is wrong with it will be an easy fix.  Then they are placing a lock in the hole that was drilled that will hook to the release cord.  So if this ever happens again, we can just turn the lock and it will allow us to open the garage door manually.

So, good news is that hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow.

Bad news: Mr. R's car is in the garage and we can't get to it.  We've been living as a 1 car family all week.  It hasn't been too bad though since we work opposite shifts.

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