March 28, 2015


What makes a great Saturday Morning?

Waking up to find that both our federal and state tax returns have been deposited into our account!

We had 3 extra bills come in that need paid this week:

  • $12 doctor
  • $33 doctor
  • $105 Mr. R's old lease - Somehow we didn't pay enough when the lease ended, I think it was because it hadn't been evaluated yet for "wear and tear"
Added $376 to emergency fund, bringing my total emergency fund savings for 2015 up to $1202.  I'm 30% of the way towards by goal of adding $4,000 this year to the emergency fund.

I was also able to add $376 to vacation fund and plan on making a pretty big car payment next month with some of the tax return money.

My goal for today is to go through the cupboards and refrigerator to make a shopping list.  But that's after I take the girls to Chuck E. Cheese to use up some coins we have and maybe to get some ice cream.

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