March 5, 2015

Cruise Vacation Budget Results

Car Service - Spent $186/Budget $200
Snacks/Pop - Spent $14/Budget $50
Hotels - Budget $190 for 1 night, paid $260 for 3 nights
Excursions - Spent $88/Budget $90
Gas - Spent $105/ Budget $200
Spending - $857/$500

Total Spent $1510/ Total Budget $1230

We were under budget on a lot of categories but way over budget on the spending money and hotel budgets.

Some of this was just our fault from over spending and not watching the budget close enough, but a majority of the extra expenses came from being gone an extra 2 nights.  A big snow storm was coming in the night before we were to leave so we drove half way a day early which added an extra hotel stay on the way to the cruise.  I had a free hotel stay through my Marriott rewards card, so that night ended up being free.  But we still had some extra meals on the road.

I had packed a lot of snacks, but it wasn't enough for the extended trip and we ended up eating out more and buying expensive snacks at the gas station on the way home.  Then on the way home we ran into another snow storm and had to get off the roads.  We added another hotel stay and more meals out.  We had planned on being away for 8 nights and ended up being away for 10.

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