November 12, 2014

Planning my birthday

I am one of those people that is really into celebrating birthdays.

I want to do something really fun this year for my birthday.  Last year I got the flu and my birthday dinner at my mom's house had to be canceled.

I thought about a couple different options for this year.  December birthdays suck for planning birthday events.  I really really wanted to get a limo again.  On my 30th birthday Mr. R and I and 3 other couples took a winery limo tour.  I had almost talked myself into booking it and justifying the $300 cost.  (I have had a couple good promotions lately that I've worked on that should earn me about that much in commissions.) But that money should really go towards the cruise.

Then I thought about getting a hotel room near a club so Mr. R and I can go dancing.  I LOVE to Dance. But again, after $80 for a room plus food and alcohol, it really adds up.  So... I've decided to throw myself a party!!

I'm planning a game night at my house.  So my goal is to figure out what games to play, some food to serve, and a couple fun drinks to have while not spending more than $60.

One game I know I want to play is a card game called Pass the Trash.  It involves everyone putting in $1 bills and the winner gets to take the whole pile.  It's fun because it doesn't cost much and it's exciting for the winner to walk away with a little extra cash.

Hmmm...Do you think I could get anyone to play Mall Madness with me? :)

Anyone have any ideas for some fun appetizers that are easy to eat while playing games?


  1. Sounds like a fun time. How about veggie pizza for an appetizer?

    1. oh that sounds good. I really like that veggie pizza that has cream cheese on it and in served cold. My step-sister makes it. I'll have to find a recipe.