November 22, 2014

Christmas Shopping Deal Online at Kohl's

Anyone need to do some Christmas Shopping?  I just happened onto Kohl's website.  They are doing a really cool Black Friday preview plus there is a coupon code on the website for 20% off.  So I was able to see whether I should purchase items today or add them to my Black Friday list to buy on Monday. Yes, Black Friday Sale starts on Monday.  I got some great deals today, items that were on sale plus another 20% off.  Plus I created a Black Friday shopping list of items that I want to purchase but are going to be cheaper on Monday.  It worked out great and I got a lot knocked off my list.

I really wanted to find some cute make up bags or wristlets to put all the homemade goodies in that I am making for all the girls in my family.  I found so many really nice ones so reasonable priced, it was hard to decide.

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