September 2, 2014

The Chuck E. Cheese Party Deal

I hate Chuck E. Cheese birthday parties.  They are so crazy, loud and hectic.  And the "guests" are too busy playing games to pay attention to the birthday kid.

So Thursday is Little R's birthday.  The girls had a big joint birthday pool party at my moms house a week and a half ago but we usually let the birthday girl pick something fun to do as a family on their actual birthday. Little R picked Chuck E. Cheese.

After I agreed we could go to Chuck E. Cheese for her birthday, she asked:

  • "And I'll get to go in the ticket thing where you catch tickets?"  She was talking about the ticket blaster. 
  • "And they'll say this is for Little R's birthday!" (She had her hands around her mouth like a megaphone). 
  • "Will I get a guitar?" The birthday kid gets an air guitar to play and dance with Chuck E.  
I explained to Little R. that all of those things are what they do when someone reserves a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese and we were just going to go have pizza and play some games as a family so she wouldn't be getting all of those extras.

I had planned on using a coupon for $39.99 that would get us a large pizza, 4 drinks and 100 tokens.  This morning I started looking around on Chuck E. Cheese's website and realized that I could book a party for a minimum of only 4 people!    So I booked a party for 4 "kids" and 3 adults.  The "kids" being Little R, Big R, Mr. R and me.  Chuck E. Cheese doesn't have an age limit on the guests at a party. So as long as you pay for them, adults can be included in the guest count.  The 3 adults are my mom, step-dad and grandma.  My mom said they would order and pay for their own food when they get there.

The cost: $12.99 each, a total of $51.96.  And what do we get for $51.96?

  • 8 slices of pizza (2 per person)
  • 4 drinks
  • 140 tokens
  • A reserved table
  • Personal Party Host
  • And for the Birthday Girl:
    • Star Recognition in the Birthday Show
    • Jumbo Guitar Balloon
    • Guitar Pick Medallion
    • Ticket Blaster Experience
    • Birthday Tiara with 8 Tokens in it
I'll be baking a cake to take with us.  I'm so excited.  I haven't told Little R that she will actually get to do all of those things.  It will just be a surprise for her!


  1. We did this for my little girl's birthday and she loved it.

  2. I've never done for my kids but sounds like fun!

  3. We've done Chuck E Cheese for my special needs kid. It's fun for him, but so overwhelming for the "adults". We did the big reservation party last year, and told him this year it was going to be pizza, soda, and tokens. When we left in August, I told him that he's a "young man" and that this was the last Chuck E Cheese party. Overall, fun for the kids though.