September 3, 2014

I had an interview two weeks ago...

and I received a voice mail today to call the Marketing Director back.  I figured that was a good sign because if I didn't get the job she would have just left it on my voice mail.

Turns out, I still didn't get the job.  The Marketing Director wanted to apologize for basically wasting my time.  As, yet again, this job was "entry level" but the job description didn't specify that.  She said she thought I was great and that my work was very talented, but they were only willing to pay for an entry level position. She also said that everyone else that didn't get the job would just be receiving letters in the mail, but she felt bad that they had me come in for an interview when they should have realized before hand based on my resume that I wasn't a good fit for this position.

This is the second time I've taken off work and interviewed for a job to be told afterword that it's really just an entry level position.

What is so frustrating is that clearly they looked at my resume since they called me for an interview, you think they would notice that I have almost 10 years experience and an MBA.  That's Not Entry Level.  And my cover letter starts out "... I can offer over 9 years business, marketing, and project management experience..."  Again, does that say entry level?!  I think not.


I need to keep reminding myself that at least I've been getting some experience interviewing and hopefully will be even more prepared for when I find that job that will be a perfect fit.


  1. Ugh, so frustrating. But keep applying and interviewing. It will come!
    Keep your head up.

  2. Oh I'm sorry! But I know you'll find the right place for you and soon!

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