September 20, 2014

Job Hunt 2014 Updates

I'm still looking for a new job.  I'm a little discouraged because I never thought it would be this long of a process.  I've been applying to jobs since March but really stepped up the job hunt just a few months ago.

I've interviewed with 4 companies: One that didn't sound like a good match to me, Two that told me that I was over qualified even though the job listing never stated it was entry level, and the fourth was for a seasonal job.  Even though the listing never said seasonal and the 2 people interviewing me didn't think it was important to tell me this until I asked them.  I had realized it might be seasonal when I was doing more research on the company to prepare for my interview.

I've decided to start saving job listings when I see them.  I get a lot of them through emails and check on my phone each day.  But I am only going to sit down and apply to them all once a week.  Sometimes the application process is ridiculously long and I feel like I'm spending too many evenings working on this.

I'm lucky that I am still employed and hopefully will be for a long time.  That gives me plenty of time to look for the job that is the perfect fit for me.  I just wish when companies are advertising, they would include all of the important information so that I'm not wasting so much of my time and theirs.

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