August 11, 2014

Re-evaluating our Budget Part 1

I feel like I'm constantly juggling money from one section to the other of our budget and I'm tired of it.  I want to set a realistic budget for us so that I don't feel like I'm failing at it every month.  Starting September, these are some of the changes we are going to be making.

  • Increasing our grocery expense to $225 each pay.  It used to be only $200 but I was always going over.  
  • Increasing Misc. Expenses to $150 each pay.  I was setting aside $250 per month but was always running out of money by the end of the month.  I think it will be easier to keep track of if I keep track on a bi-weekly basis instead of monthly.
  • Condo fees go up to $125 a month starting September
  • Increased each of our spending money to $120 each pay instead of $100.  It seems like we each have a hard time sticking with only $100 every two weeks and have been dipping into our savings some.  I know it sounds like a lot of money for each of us to have to spend but this money covers any eating out, family activities like movies, etc., clothing, make up, hair cuts, etc.

Pay Check 1: 
$120 IRA
$125 Condo
$ 55 Internet 
$150 Cell Phone 
$205 Car #1 Lease
$187 Car #2 (Will be payed off in November!)
$150 Miscellaneous Expenses
$100 Gas
$225 Groceries
$120 My Spending
$120 Mr. R Spending
$ 55 Water - (usually less)
$100 $76 Gymnastics (I thought that number was a bit too high.  It's funny the things that come to you when you're trying to sleep.)
$??? Savings Goals: EF, Car, Vacation


  1. We had to do this too. I think with the cost of everything going up, we have to be realistic about our finances.

  2. I am sort of refusing to redo my budget yet... but it's coming!